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We have recently opened a new business in Junction City located at 122 Grant Ave. Juicy’s Vapor Lounge is a comfortable retail store offering vaping devices and juices for your vaping needs. It’s not SMOKE it’s VAPOR! This is not a tobacco product, infact it’s a safe healthy alternative to cigarette smoking. We offer over 100 flavors of juices that we mix ourselves. Not many people know what it is and we want to educate the public too. Too many relate it to cigarette smoking because there can be nicotine involved but the lack of combustion of tobacco, eliminates first and second hand smoke, cancer causing carcinogens, and over 4000 chemicals found in cigarettes. The vapor that is exhaled is nearly 100% water vapor and dissipates within seconds leaving no foul smell or residues. It is less expensive than cigarettes too! We want to encourage cigarette smokers to choose vaping as a alternative to quit the unhealthy, expensive habit of cigarette smoking. We have locations in Salina, Arkansas City, and soon to be open in Aggieville. Stop by today and let our dedicated staff help lead you on the way to a tobacco free life. We appreciate your support

March 14, 2014

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