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Kansas Wind or Wyoming Coal

In 2012 we spent $570 million buying coal for Kansas power plants. Wyoming alone took $555 million out of our economy. Thatís about $192 from each of us, one of the highest per capita interstate transfers of wealth for coal in the nation.

Kansans' money should stay in Kansas. If we start using our abundant wind and sunshine for a greater portion of our energy, it will. Each new wind turbine keeps more of your electric bill in Kansas. It goes to service crews and landowners, and it funds school districts at home, not in Wyoming.

Yet, out-of-state industry has once again found Kansas legislators in Topeka and Washington willing to undo the Kansas Renewable Energy Standard and the Renewable Production Tax Credit. Why? Both bills sparked growth in Kansas' electrical capacity and reduced spending on out-of-state coal. And unlike coal and natural gas, wind energy does not compete with our farms, manufacturers, and cities for water resources. If these bills aren't renewed, we'll be writing bigger and bigger checks to Wyoming instead of cashing them at home.

Pay attention to what happens with these laws. The people we elected are about to show us whose economy they serve: ours or Wyoming's.

Darrel Hart
January 24, 2014

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