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Honest Business

To the Fine Folks of Junction City, Kansas We live in Southern Oregon. On December 20th, our daughter and family, used our 2005 GMC, 4-wheel drive pick-up to head to Kansas to visit friends. After a few days in Junction City, the transmission blew ... one of those unexpected things ! Jim Clark Auto Center on Grant St., gave us a bid for an installed 100,000 mile factory warranted transmission, that we accepted. They were very friendly, courteous and kept us informed. After the job was done and to our absolute amazement, the job came in under the bid by $200.00. We are so extremely humbled and indebted by the integrity of this auto shop. This is what American is all about .... HONESTY. Thank YOU, JIM CLARK AUTO CENTER, from the bottom of our hearts. The kids made it home, and you made this experience for them and us easy. You have blessed us and we pray for you to be continually blessed.

Joe & Debbie Dauenhauer, Ashland, OR
January 11, 2014

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