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Concerned for election process

Are you (The Daily Union) seriously advocating that people wanting to vote shouldn't provide supporting documentation that they in fact are eligible to vote? How can anyone respect the outcome of an election, regardless of the winner(s), if there is no integrity to the process?

I must also take exception with your viewpoint as it pertains to what you characterize as "restrictions" on voter registrations.

Accurately characterized the rules in place would be referred to as requirements. By the way, the requirements have always existed, now the law supports documenting that a potential voter actually meets the requirements.

Then you throw in a number of red herrings by referring to voter turnouts in other nations and the fact that some nations even go so far as to require their citizens vote.

Others are your statements about the reasoning behind the KS law: "illegal aliens are trying to vote," which is actually only one of many possible reasons for requiring documentation, and "there is no proof of that occurring."

Vote fraud of any kind is awfully hard to prove when no documentation is required. These are simply unrelated pieces of information. My concern is for elections here. Other countries are entitled to set their own rules.

The last paragraph of your "Our view" reveals the true nature of your attack: "That might translate into greater GOP success in elections, at least for now.

But it doesn't bode well for democracy in the long run." What doesn't bode well for democracy is a process, which you seemingly advocate, with no rules to ensure the integrity of the outcome.

May God save our Republic from thinking like yours.

James Keene
August 19, 2013

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