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Westwood vandalism

We have four juveniles in jail now accused of $250,000 worth of vandalism to the Westwood School.

Since this school is owned and paid for by the taxpayers of this community, as well as insured by them, we as taxpayers demand accountability by the parents of these criminals.

After vandalizing our public schools they go to Dollar General and are stealing there also. Why would anyone go into a school and damage computers, equipment and destroy a building used to educate. Obviously they must be lacking parental control, disregard for public property and total irresponsibility.

Once convicted, they need to be sent to juvenile detention as long as the law requires. No deals and no supervised probation. Today's juvenile offenders are tomorrow's Criminal offenders.

All our public schools need burglar alarm systems in them now. With today's complex technology in these buildings we can no longer afford to have this happen again. We need to use funding to equip all schools with alarm systems.

Let's hold these parents responsible as well as these juveniles once they are convicted to pay restitution for this heinous act of vandalism to all the taxpayers' property.

Furthermore they should be barred from attending any schools in the UDS 475 system.

James R. Kelly

Junction City

James R. Kelly
June 03, 2013

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