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Supporting FHRC

The Daily Union
The seven member counties of the Flint Hills Regional Council are united in their desire to support the establishment of a Flint Hills Economic Development District, which will require state approval....more»

Local building slump a concern

The Daily Union
The slump last year locally in construction of single-family housing can be blamed on a number of factors — a still-sluggish economy, a previous rash of home building that possibly glutted the market, ...more»

Time for economic optimism in JC area

The Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce is kicking off its third year as a consolidated organization formed from several disparate groups, including the old chamber, Economic Development Commission, ...more»

Decision in school funding should be soon

Decision in school funding should be soon With the arrival of the New Year, a ruling in the public school financing case is expected any day from the state Supreme Court....more»


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When government looks more like foe than friend

April 24
By Ben Carson Special to The Daily Union The Cliven Bundy case in Nevada provides many insights into the state of our nation with respect to the relationship between the people and the government.... Click here to read more»
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Use this world wisely

April 24
This is a special week for those who are involved with the production of food and fiber. It marks the 44th observance of Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22.... Click here to read more»
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Our view: What types of business do we want?

April 24
A site consultant came to town this week to advise the city’s economic developers what types of businesses Junction City and Geary County should pursue.... Click here to read more»


Political correctness goes both ways

George Nixon Shuler
It was quite amusing to read Ben Carson’s hissy fit over what he calls "political correctness," in "The Daily Union" on March 22. Carson is a physician of sorts with right-wing views and is currently ...more»

Hitting a nerve in JC

Ed Smith
To the Editor: The Genie is out of the bottle. Polite dissenting views offered by citizens of this community are castigated as being the result of hecklers or a small group of people whose main goal is ...more»

Farmland ó Art is life

John Schlageck
As the lights dimmed and the images flickered on the screen, the movie audience stepped into the lives of young farmers and ranchers as they took on the tasks of running their families’ operations....more»

Some good, some bad

The Daily Union
The good news is that the Kansas Legislature passed a school finance bill that will provide $129 million to poor school districts, in order to address inequities in the state’s school system in ...more»

Flight 370: How can an airliner just vanish? Simple

Peter Garrison
If you want to participate in the search for Flight 370, try this. Bring up Google Earth on your computer and rotate the introductory globe until you are looking down at the North Atlantic....more»

Commuting ... ?

Walter P. Robertson
To the Editor: Musing on a lazy spring day, do the qualifications for city manager include the best available person willing to live in Junction City, or is it the best available person willing to commute ...more»

In Topeka ó Letís make a deal

Tom Moxley
Quote of the Week: "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." Abraham Lincoln My Take: Governor Brownback and the Legislature are swiftly moving to work a deal to get past ...more»

Taking a spin in the Legislature

Martin Hawver
While the Legislature is out of the Statehouse for its Spring Break, let’s take a little spin at the roulette wheel. There’s a game of chance going on in the governor’s office, and it ...more»

Give them a chance

Erin Weyerich
To the Editor: A resident’s commitment to Junction City is not contingent on whether they own or rent their home. Renters often carry a larger financial burden than the property owner....more»

Residency matters

Melody Saxton
To the Editor: Thank you for the article about property ownership not a priority. I wanted to respond to several pieces of that article. First, Mr. Weigand says there is more to it than up and moving....more»
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