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Poor news reporting

For an entire month a company called Zombie Toxin has been running each weekend. Not once did the Daily Union cover or mention this. After speaking with this group i found out they were working with the girl scouts and other charitable foundations. The owner of this company says he just really wants to give back to the city he grew up in.

How is it that there is an event going on in this city where customers are willing to stand in line for over 2 hours to participate in the event, and its not mentioned once in the news paper. There is NO OTHER event in this town that can draw that amount of people other than the 4th of July.

I dont know if your paper only reports stories on events that are willing to pay for advertising. But it is shameful that this was never mentioned for AN ENTIRE MONTH.

The Daily Union is just another reason people in this town are losing faith. Along with in-fighting in the local council, personal agendas that dont benefit the town, spending the budget money on things to help their friends in business.

I'm proud to see one person make a difference regardless of all the politicians running the newspaper.

Shame on you Daily Union.

Every one is proud of you Zombie Toxin and what you do for our city.

Concerned Citizen
November 04, 2013

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