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Thanks for the effort

To the Editor:

As I listened to the call dispatched out last Wednesday evening for a building fire in the 700 block of North Washington, I could sense the urgency in the battalion chief's voice as he requested additional resources immediately upon his arrival.

As I approached the scene I was confronted with a firefighter's worst fear, that of a three-story building in the middle of a downtown block with heavy fire throughout the first floor and working its way to the second floor.

To be honest I did not know what to expect when I approached the battalion chief in charge.

This was clearly a structure fire that would challenge any fire department. What I witnessed when I walked up was a calm and controlled fire ground operation being conducted by trained and professional firefighters that were performing various firefighting functions in a safe and efficient manner.

I did not see any confusion, uncertainly or disorder and for the most part all decisions made during the operation were correct and appropriate.

I did see the intensity and dedication as well as the determination of all personnel on scene working to save this building, which after several hours they were successful in this mission.

They accomplished this exhaustive feat with no injuries.

I would like to personally thank everyone who responded that evening including members from the Fort Riley Fire Department, the Geary County Emergency Manager and Geary County Fire Department members as well as the Junction City Police Department who assisted with securing our fire ground.

I would also like to personally say thank you for the effort I witnessed by the members of the Junction City Fire Department, those who responded and those who were called in.

Your efforts that evening affirmed my decision to lead this dedicated organization. I was very proud and extremely impressed that evening. Keep up the good work.

Kevin D. Royse
August 30, 2013

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