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Ready to give up

This evening we were treated to a demonstration of Democracy in action.

Unfortunately the City Commission meeting missed one important fact.

Add the city budget of $53 million to the County budget of $30 million, approximate figures, and you come up with $83 million to govern 34,000 residents.

Try to comprehend these figures,83 million dollars to govern 34,000 people. Then there is still our debt of $150 million plus county and USD 475 debt.

If you were a business looking for a place to land, would you even consider JC/Geary County?

If you are on a fixed income, how much more of this can you stand?

We heard wonderful speeches by commissioners Sands, Aska and Landes trying to encourage us to think positive while we are splitting our pills in half to get through the month.

One thing I have learned lately is that the most common problem here is that government does not listen to the people.

The city is increasing spending from $48.2 million to $53 million but the mill levy stays about the same. It reminds me of the shell games played in Times Square, N.Y.

So, this $83 million dollars to govern 34,000 people and this does not include one red cent spent so generously by our "resident builder/renovator" Mr. Walker and "his" USD 475.

But of course, we forgot to put in alarm systems in buildings worth millions — perhaps we were too busy planning the next renovation.

We were all positive during the Barnes days, how is that going for you?

Certain commissioners can afford to be generous with our money i.e. Spin City, the Golf Course where the elite meet to play and of course that White Elephant of all times, the ex fire house now the Opera House. Between county and city, we will spend $225,000 of your money to keep this White Elephant going. Let's see, $225,000 divided by about 10,000 property tax accounts — you figure it out. That doesn't include the $250,000 bond payment and $20,000 from the Convention and Visitors Bureau. I have a headache from all the hot air I heard tonight.

Only one person made sense and that was Scott Johnson. Ben Kitchens spent an hour talking to the County Commissioners today, they listened but did not hear. They never do.

They are so set in their way, why waste the time trying to reason with them. Let's do everything possible to keep business out of here and make the elderly move out because they can no longer afford to live here. I give up.

Tom Wayne
August 21, 2013

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