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High taxes holding back city

Last week the Daily Union had nearly four pages of properties to be sold at a tax auction for delinquent taxes.

A lot of these were at Olivia Farms because our previous City Commissioners gave every thing away thinking that the city was going to have a huge increase in military and rip them off with over priced houses, built in my opinion with "poor quality."

This is proven by those same military that tried and are trying to sell these properties now and can't because of building issues. Unscrupulous builders moved on to fleece another City down the road, let's hope they are wiser than the City Commission and City manager here were at that time.

Others lost their homes because they could not pay the taxes. Does anyone ever learn from past mistakes?

The county is contemplating a 2.02 mill levy increase. Tony Wolf wants between $100,000 to $400,000 for a storage facility for impounded drug bust cars and trucks? Does it ever end?

Now, as I predicted Ron Walker and the Board of Education, who in my opinion are not very well educated want a " slight" mill levy increase from taxpayers. They are doing their best to hold taxes down they say?

I say let's start at the top and freeze all administrators salaries! Is this the calm before the storm? Two new schools coming online in the next two years, guess who is going to pay for that? I wonder if that will be another small mill levy increase?

I am waiting to see what the city wants to raise the mill levy since the new fire chief from Wichita wants all new fire trucks. Just say no.

Does anyone on any of these boards and commissions even have a clue as to how they are holding this city back? No businesses will ever come here of any significance with good paying jobs! Oh yes, we will get more Mexican restaurants and maybe some more Starbucks ... $6 coffee? That's going to bring in plenty of tax dollars since we are paying nearly 10 percent in sales taxes alone.

We need industry and manufacturing here. Give these kinds of businesses that will employ hundreds of people some breaks, and get some money into this economy. All we seem to get is dead end eateries with minimum paying wages.

In the mean time suck it up, do without ... and pay more taxes.

James R. Kelly

Junction City

James R. Kelly
August 05, 2013

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