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Disagree with fellow local

Disagree with fellow local

To the Editor:

This is regarding Mr. James R. Kelly's letter to the editor on June 6, regarding Westwood vandalism.

Mr. Kelly: I do hope you got plenty of rest on the seventh day after working so hard to create the heavens and the earth.

While I agree, in general, with your comments about accountability and restitution, I find it difficult to agree with your proposed treatment of the juveniles.

I would recommend that they be accompanied by one or both parents, go to Westwood and apologize to the principal as well as to each classroom teacher where damage was done.

A separate restitution schedule, based on the parents income could be agreed upon by school officials and juvenile authorities. Secondly, the offenders could be sentenced to a minimum of 200 hours of community service with the work to designated by juvenile authorities and a brief form devised that will allow them to report their hours worked and be certified by the person or organization for whom the work was performed.

Thirdly, we do not need to inflict any more economic hardship by requiring the offenders to attend school "out of district" with its additional enrollment cost, transportation fees, etc.

Let's not discard them. Pray for them and their families and get them on the right track to become useful citizens.

Wade Knight

Junction City

Wade Knight
June 27, 2013

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