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Want to see more photos taken by the DU staff? Interested in purchasing photos we take? This is the place to do all that. Find additional photos that may not have run in the print edition. It's also the only area to purchase high quality prints of the professional photos we take. Enjoy.

Activities and events
Click here to see photos from recent events and activities around Junction City.
Sheridan Elementary Pinewood Derby Race
Teachers and staff at Sheridan Elementary, raced pinewood derby cars to get students ready and fired up for the new school year.
Kindergarten starts at Franklin Elementary School
The first day of school at Franklin Elementary School in Junction City.
Back to school: Eisenhower Elementary School
Photos from the first day of school at Eisenhower Elementary School Tuesday.
Fort Riley Middle Back to School
New students met their teachers at the first day back to school.
USD 475 Tours Fort Riley Schools
School officials from USD 475 spent the day touring both Fort Riley and Junction City Schools, evaluating renovations and discussing somethings that needed to be improved.
Lemonade Stand
Charly Goodwin, 7, Sawyer Kirkpatrick, 2, and Cole Goodwin,6, held a lemonade stand on the corner of tenth and washington, as a part of their summer bucketlist.
JC Farmers Markets
Farmers Markets at Geary Community Hospital, The JC Historical Society and at 8th and Jefferson Streets.
2014 Kansas Heartland Envirothon
Envirothon competition involving seven state champion teams held at Rock Springs
Geary County Free Fair
Events during the Geary County Free Fair in Junction City.
Junction City Free Fair
The baking contest took place today at the Junction City Free Fair
2014 Special Needs Rodeo
Families gathered at the Geary County 4H Center, to enjoy horseback riding and festivities.

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