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Milford Lake removed from algae warning status

Lake still under advisory

June 12, 2014
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has downgraded the status of Milford Lake from a blue-green algae warning to an advisory.

The lake was placed under an algae warning status last week due to large amounts of blue-green algae being detected.

Under an algae advisory, the KDHE recommends

Humans, pets and livestock do not drink untreated lake water

Clean fish and rinse with clean water, only consuming the fillet portion, discarding other parts

Do not eat or allow pets to eat dried algae

If lake water comes in contact with skin or pet fur, wash with clean potable water as soon as possible

Avoid areas of visible algae accumulation.

Blue-green algae differs from common algae because of the presence of cyanobacteria, which can cause illness. KDHE officials indicated ingestion of blue-green algae could cause flu-like symptoms, abdominal cramps, respiratory problems or skin irritation.

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