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Mayday! Mayday!

August 17, 2013
MILFORD LAKE — Some people made paddling through the water in a cardboard boat held together only by duct tape look easy.

Others served as a reminder that participating in the annual Float Your Boat races isn't an easy or dry endeavor.

On Saturday, spectators lined the hill near the swimming area by the Milford State Park south boat ramp to watch as people tried their hand at engineering a speedy — and floating — cardboard boat.

The entire area was packed with people cheering on their favorite boats. A few boats of the motorized, more durable variety even lined up along the shore to catch a glimpse of the fun.

Trophies and cash prizes were handed out to those who completed a short course in the least amount of time — above water, of course.

The event, which was organized by the Geary County Visitors and Convention Bureau, was held in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers' Milford Lake Extreme Outdoor Festival.

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